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Safety Tips

  • Gupta Light House L.P. Gas Stove is simple and safe to use. Turn Gas Stove upside down & fit the rubber grommets into     place.
  • Connect Gas Stove to the gas cylinder by fitting the free end of rubber tube to the inlet connection nozzle. The rubber tubing     should be laid in such a manner so as to avoid sharp bends.
  • While lighting the burner, first open the gas valve on the cylinder. Bring a lighted match stick to the burner which is to be lit.     Then push the relevant knob and turn it to the "ON" position.
  • While putting off the burner, first close the regulating valve provided with the cylinder and then turn stove knob to "OFF"     position.
  • The cylinder should not be tilted horizontally while in use.
  • Take care to avoid spillage while cooking as this may result in extinguishing of flame and clogging of burner holes.
  • Before removing a dish from the burner, switch off the appropriate knob.
  • Do not try to dismantle or repair yourself the gas valves or burner nozzles as the same may not be replaced properly due     to damaging of threads or lack of proper tools or training.
  • In case of any difficulty regarding operation, please contact your gas dealer for necessary action.
  • Don't allow food to boil over. This could put out the flame, while still leaving the gas on, which increases the potential for a     fire or explosion.
  • Don't line the stove burners with foil, as this could inhibit air flow to the burners.
  • Don't allow pots to boil dry on the stove.
  • Don't set boxes, plastic dishes or items other than cooking pots on top of stove burners.
  • Close the cylinder valve and replace dust caps, where provided, when a gas cylinder is not in use.
  • Use a straight pin or an opened paper clip to unclog each small port of the gas burner.
  • Remove all the parts of the burner and cooktop that can be removed. Soak them using a sink of hot water with dish soap     while you clean the rest of the burner surfaces.
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